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.:: Pretear Icontest ::.

Pretear Icontest
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Hello and welcome to pretear_awards! This community is an icontest for the anime and manga, Pretear. Each week, a theme will be posted, and participants are invited to submit their themed icons, which will later be voted on. Winners receive awards to display their icon-making skills. Submissions and voting will be done through screened comments.

General Rules:
- All icons must contain images related to Pretear. Makes sense, no?
- Images from the anime, manga and official artbooks are all acceptable. Fanart is only allowed if it is your own.
- You are allowed to submit up to three icons per theme unless otherwise indicated on the challenge post.
- All submitted icons must fall under LiveJournal specifications. That means images can be no larger than 100x100 pixels, and no bigger than 40Kb.
- Every icon must be a new entry created specifically for that week's theme. There will be no reusing of old icons! Let's be creative and new.
- You must be a member of the community to submit entries and vote.
- Do NOT, under any circumstances, go around advertising your icon, using it to make posts or otherwise try to bend the votes in your favor. When the icontest is over, then feel free to show it around all over the place. ;)
- Stealing icons is bad. Don't do it. If you do, and I find out....well, it won't be very pretty.
- In a similar vein, don't brutally criticize or flame any icons posted. There is no reason to be insulting or rude. You don't want to make me mad, do you? :(
- No voting for your own icons, mmk?
- Mods and bannermakers ARE allowed to participate. All rules will apply to them, as well. Trust that no cheating will take place.
- Please host images on something like photobucket.com or other image hosting site if you don't have your own space. Do not use LJ's picture hosting. If you have a problem finding a place to host your icons, please contact me. I'll figure something out. :)
- The mods reserve the right to disqualify any icons that do not follow these rules. You have been warned.

Let's have fun, shall we? ^^

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the moderator!

- New themes will be posted weekly on Sunday, at around 1pm GMT.
- Submissions for entries are due in by 1pm GMT on the Friday afternoon following the posting of the new theme. I will be happy to specifiy other timezones, as well. The deadline is absolute.
- Submissions must look like this:


- The URL of the icon must be included. You will need to host your own images for submission, but I will host them for voting purposes. As listed in the general rules, you cannot use LJ's picture hosting option without contacting me first.
- Submissions comments will be screened.

- Voting posts will go up on Friday afternoon after submissions are closed. Voting will be open until Sunday afternoon at 1pm GMT.
- To vote, you must make a comment to the voting post, listing your top THREE icons, unless otherwise noted in the voting post.
- There will be a "special category" in addition to the normal top three. The following categories will be rotated every voting period:

Best Adaptation of Theme :: Best Use of Text :: Best Color :: Best Display of Emotion

Your votes should look something like this:

1. 04
2. 07
3. 05
SC. 01


04, 07, 05

- Updated! The voting will be weighted, with each 1st place vote receiving 5 points, each 2nd place vote recieving 3, and each 3rd place vote receiving 1 point. You cannot vote for the same icon twice.
- As stated above in the general rules, there will be no voting for your own icon.
- Voting will be screened. No anonymous posting will be allowed.
- Winners will be posted on Sunday at about 1pm GMT.
- New! Because each person can submit up to three icons in any given challenge, if one icon successfully places in any of the top categories (1st, 2nd or 3rd), then any other entries will not place. This means if your icons place 1st AND 3rd, you'll only get 1st place, and the next person in line will get 3rd. This does not apply for the special categories or mod's choice.

- Week 01, Theme: Pretear, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 02, Theme: C'est La Vie (song), Banner maker: ariake
- Week 03, Theme: Happy, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 04, Theme: pretear_awards, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 05, Theme: Lyrics, Banner maker: i_paint_the_sky
- Week 06, Theme: Knight, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 07, Theme: Ever After, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 08, Theme: Color, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 09, Theme: Himeno, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 10, Theme: On this long storm... (Emily Dickinson poem), Banner maker: i_paint_the_sky
- Week 11, Theme: black&white (style), Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 12, Theme: Holiday, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 13, Theme: Fear, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 14, Theme: Elements, Banner maker: i_paint_the_sky
- Week 15, Theme: Textless (style), Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 16, Theme: Shakespeare, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 17, Theme: Anything Goes (free-for-all), Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 18, Theme: Netspeak, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 19, Theme: Power, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 20, Theme: Humor/Comedy, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 21, Theme: Land of Milk & Honey, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 22, Theme: Friendship, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 23, Theme: Supporting Cast, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 24, Theme: Pairs, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 25, Theme: One Word, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 26, Theme: Torn, Banner maker: wordsgate
- Week 27, Theme: Tiny Text (style), Banner maker: xashex
- Week 28, Theme: Crazy (song), Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 29, Theme: The Dark Side, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 30, Theme: Faceless/Headless (style), Banner maker: wordsgate mystic_fog
- Week 31, Theme: Confusion, Banner maker: xashex
- Week 32, Theme: Devotion, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 33, Theme: Fire, Banner maker: mistresssarcams

** New Challenge Format Begins **

- Week 34, Banner maker: xashex
- Week 35, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 36, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 37, Banner maker: xashex
- Week 38, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 39, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 40, Banner maker: xashex
- Week 41, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 42, Banner maker: mistresssarcasm
- Week 43, Banner maker: xashex
- Week 44, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 45, Banner maker: amara_verite
- Week 46, Banner maker: TBD
- Week 47, Banner maker: fiery_amazon
- Week 48, Banner maker: mystic_fog
- Week 49, Banner maker: ashechan
- Week 50, Banner maker: amara_verite
- Week 51, Banner maker: fiery_amazon
- Week 52, Banner maker: amatyultare
- Week 53, Banner maker: ashechan
- Week 54, Banner maker: amara_verite
- Week 55, Banner maker: itsplashes
- Week 56, Banner maker: fiery_amazon
- Week 57 [combined with week 56], Banner maker: fiery_amazon
- Week 58, Banner maker: amatyultare
- Week 59, Banner maker: ashechan
- Week 60, Banner maker: amara_verite
- Week 61, Banner maker: itsplashes
- Week 62, Banner maker: fiery_amazon
- Week 63, Banner maker: ashechan
- Week 64, Banner maker: ?
- Week 65, Banner maker: amara_verite
- Week 66
*Current week accepting submissions is bolded.


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Thanks to the wonderful wordsgate, we have screencaps available for you! All 13 episodes can be found here! Remember to give credit. :)

- asdaaas, Mod
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MSN - sweetdreamz_2210@hotmail.com
Email - setsunakutte.yume@gmail.com [Feel free to contact if you have questions!]

Banner makers
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